The Captain of turks Hibraim called Hydra "Little England".
The Hydrian fleet dominated the sea during the seven year war with the turks, contributing this way to the liberation of Greece, sacrificing many human lifes, battleships and money.

Hydra contributed to the Nation by giving to Greece one President, five Prime Ministers and Ministers.
George Koundouriotis, who served as President of the Executive council during the Greek revolution.

He was also council member during the Presidency of Kapodistrias and Othonas and also served as Prime Minister and Minister of Navy. Antonios Kriezis, Prime Minister of Greece. Dimitrios Voulgaris, seven times Prime Minister. Athanasios Miaoulis, three times Prime Minister. Petros Voulgaris, Prime Minister.


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Ιστορία της Υδρας Important was the help of Hydra to the liberation of Greece in 1821. During the war,...
Hydra traditional cuisine…… A taste of paradise! As almost all of Greece’s regions, Hydra enjoys its own local and traditional cuisine...

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